At Engedi, we believe that we can worship God by being generous with our finances. To give online we use Pushpay, an online giving app for churches. We encourage you to set up a new account and giving pattern with Pushpay by selecting the campus you attend.  It will only take a minute or two to enter your information.


1.  Setting up a recurring gift is an easy way to honor God with your finances.

2. Connecting your checking account rather than a credit card only takes a couple of minutes and significantly reduces processing fees, allowing us to invest tens of thousands of dollars more each year into our mission to advance the kingdom revolution of Jesus worldwide.

3. If you prefer to use a credit card, there is an option for you to cover the cost of the processing fees. This added percentage is also tax deductible.

Example: Giving $5,000 in a year by credit card costs $150 in fees when it would only cost $25 if given through a bank account. If 240 people made this decision, Engedi would have $30,000 more available in a year.

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Other Ways To Give

During every gathering at every campus, there will be an opportunity to celebrate what God is doing by giving tithes and offerings in person. Engedi also accepts tithes and offerings by mail. Please send any mailed tithes or offerings to the following address:

Engedi Church
710 Chicago Drive #100
Holland, MI 49423